Being pioneers in technology, professional in creative work, TTT not only creates the living space but also helps people feel the pretty and perfect life.
1. Professionalism
  • Having extensive professional knowledge
  • Maintaining stability in work at high intensity and quality
  • Thinking positively despite difficult circumstances
  • Reliability
  • Understanding the influence of our decisions on other activities
2. Teamwork
  • Understanding our success is based on the strength and wisdom of the whole team. Working together to achieve a common goal of the group
  • Building a working environment that will promote all the capabilities and potential abilities of the group members
  • Each individual is responsible for his own successes and failures as well as those of the group.
  • Encouraging colleagues at the right time, sharing when colleagues have problems.
  • Willing to share knowledge and experience
3. Passion
  • Passionate about the work undertaken, determined to pursue its aim until the end, making great efforts to overcome difficulties to create the best results
4. Creation, innovation
  • Continuously release and not afraid to test new, strange, unique ideas.
  • Always exploring and working out solutions and new approaches to make better results.
  • Pioneering in research, improving and applying new technology
 5. Leading with desire
  • Excellent performance, always taking your career to new heights with desire.