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"Our company is very pleased with the enthusiasm and agility of TTT‘s staff. TTT always satisfies all requirements of customers no matter how small they are and leave a good impression on our company"

Ms. To Huyen Linh

Head of Administration

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Wishing to provide a full range of services for all the projects we have joined, TTT Corporation is continually improving the quality of our services to meet the clients’ satisfaction. 

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Awards and Honors
Vietnam Green Building Council Membership

The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) is a non-profit organisation and functions solely to build up a green construction environment in Vietnam. The council has been officially recognised by the Vietnam Ministry of Construction in March 2009 and since then the ministry has constantly provided support in legal and technical aspects. TTT has become a member of VGBC since 2010. This is to certify that TTT has provided vital support to the development of a strong, independent voice for a more sustainable built environment in Vietnam.
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TTT News
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  Gamma joined Vietbuild Exhibition 2014        Colapse

Gamma Furniture Corporation, a subsidiary of TTT Corporation, has attended Vietbuild Exhibition 2014, focusing on Real Estate & Home Decor, Outdoor Furniture - Construction & Building Materials. The exhibition was held at the SECC - Convention Center Saigon Exhibition at 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC.

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  TTT handed over BASF Office        Colapse

BASF Office was designed and built by TTT Corporation since 7th April 2014. The project was handed over on 29th May at 37 Ton Duc Thang Street. The office has come into operation and will be officially opened on 4th June 2014.

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  Coffee Talk with Mr. Tran Khanh Trung and Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai on Green Architecture        Colapse

On 24th May 2014, many entrepreneurs and youths attended a friendly seminar hosted by two architects who are devoted to environmental issues: Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai and Mr. Tran Khanh Trung. Deriving from their passion for architecture, together with HCMC Green Architecture Club, they have continuously organized many propaganda activities related to Green Architecture for those who can contribute to the environmental protection in Vietnam and around the world.

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  TTT’s 22th Birthday        Colapse

On 17th May, TTT’s offices in Hanoi and Saigon were bustling to celebrate our CEO’s birthday – Mr. Le Ba Thong. This day also marks the 22th anniversary of establishing TTT. A great day with double joys that made everyone tingle with excitement.

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  CEO of TTT Corporation visited all member units to celebrate our 22th anniversary        Colapse

One day before the 22th anniversary of the establishment on 17th May 2014, Mr. Le Ba Thong – CEO of TTT Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tan - Deputy CEO and Mr. Hoang Ngoc Tu - Head of Human Resources Department have visited the member units of TTT Corporation to celebrate our anniversary.

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Architectural Exhibition

To celebrate the 15th anniversary, TTT publishes a bilingual book Architectural Space in Virtual Reality II. This book contains the architectural and interior designs selected from over 1,500 projects of TTT.
By this occasion, TTT also launches an Architectural Exhibition to display the projects that have been designed with 3D graphic technologies, from December 14th to December 18th 2007 in Metropolitan building, HCMC, Vietnam 

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Architectural space in virtual reality I

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, TTT publishes a bilingual book Architectural Space in Virtual Reality I. This book is the result of knowledge accumulated, untiring labour, and continuous learning of our architects, engineers and designers. Most importantly, these are the insights incurred from serious and at times very strict demands of our customers - our true KINGS

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Client Reference
  Citibank Hanoi, Vietnam

We really hope to continue receiving your enthusiastic support in our next cooperation.

  GlaxoSmithKline Hanoi, Vietnam

Our company is very pleased with the enthusiasm and agility of TTT‘s staff. TTT always satisfy all requirements of customers no matter how small they are and leave a good impression on our company.

  Allen & Overy Vietnam

The project was completed on schedule, with absolutely no disruption to the ongoing surgeries. TTT is really a professional company in managing and supervising the execution of the work.



Press Releases
  Colorful Pantry
   @ 5/28/2014

Pantry areas are being paid more attention from many companies, both foreign and domestic ones. This place helps the staffs reducing fatigue, promoting intimacy, cohesion and mutual understanding. In addition to creating a comfortable working space, saving a space for the relaxation and entertainment needs of employees is a practical concern of many business owners. 

All images used in this article are from TTT projects

Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper
  Nostalgic signs in the city center
   @ 5/20/2014

Sitting at a peaceful place in the heart of an old French mansion, letting my thoughts wander with a cup of coffee in front of me... it is no longer a rare thing in Saigon’s busy lifestyle. It’s a new hobby, a new joy for youngsters who are familiar with the square space between the narrow walls. It’s a nostalgia for elderlies who always long for the "old days ...” 

Written & Photographed by TTT Corporation

Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper

  Curve - A hidden charm
   @ 4/5/2014

Men are always captivated by women's curvy bodies. Even we, women, are attracted by those beautiful curves as well... our talented interior designers have softened the hard materials by bringing the feminine curves into architectural projects.

All images used in this article are from TTT projects

Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper

  Entrepreneurs and the Culture
   @ 3/12/2014

The innovation process has shaped a new business class, in which there are just entrepreneurs who do social work silently, helping their hometown without the need of being famous... Yet, there appeared those who are getting wealthy based on suspicious relationship, they are likely to brag about themselves and want to attract more attention by arrogant acts... How do entrepreneur and culturists - educationists think about this subject?

By: Kim Yen - The Gioi Tiep Thi Newspapers

  My home
   @ 2/17/2014
A little sweet house that makes people not only admire its beauty but also jealous when they know that it was built and nursed by the love of a newlywed couple. This article is published on Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper - Spring 2014, written, photographed and edited by TTT's team. 
Written & Photographed by TTT Corporation
Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper
  A peaceful morning in the office
   @ 1/24/2014

Ernst & Young (known as EY) is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was the third largest professional services firm in the world by aggregated revenue in 2012 and is one of the "Big Four" accounting firms. The organization has more than 700 offices in over 150 countries.

Below is the latest office of EY at the Cornerstone Building in Hanoi. This project was designed and built by TTT Corporation in 2013.

By Thanh Nhan - Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper

  Tet Bonus (Year-end bonus) is a part of corporate culture
   @ 1/23/2014

It is an opinion of Mr. Le Ba Thong, General Director of TTT Construction when it comes to Tet bonus issue in the current crisis.