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"Our company is very pleased with the enthusiasm and agility of TTT‘s staff. TTT always satisfy all requirements of customers no matter how small they are and leave a good impression on our company."

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Awards and Honors
Vietnam Green Building Council Membership

The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) is a non-profit organisation and functions solely to build up a green construction environment in Vietnam. The council has been officially recognised by the Vietnam Ministry of Construction in March 2009 and since then the ministry has constantly provided support in legal and technical aspects. TTT has become a member of VGBC since 2010. This is to certify that TTT has provided vital support to the development of a strong, independent voice for a more sustainable built environment in Vietnam.
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TTT News
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  TTT won the 2014 National Achitectural Awards        Colapse

TTT Architects' new office has won the 2014 National Architetural Award in Exterior-Interior Design for our project "Office of TTT Architects - Green Solutions". Besides, our designer, Mr. Le Huy Truc, has won the Young Architect of the Year, awarded by Vietnam Architect Association. 

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  Photography workshop by Dong Duc Thanh at TTT Architects’ Meeting Hall        Colapse

It is no coincidence that the photography workshop, titled "New ..?", was held at the new opening meeting hall of TTT, targeting architects and young fellows who loves taking photographs. Architecture and photography have long shared the admiration for beauty and the passion for creativity. Let’s follow TTT’s reporter to discover the stories revolving around this topic with one of the most famous photographer in Vietnam and around the World!

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  A static night to find oneself        Colapse

 "Life is a magical thing, and our life is a mirror for us to see ourselves" - Master Vien Minh said.

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  TTT won 2 new projects in Hanoi: Nam Cuong Villa and Hoffmann La Roche office        Colapse

Within October, TTT has received two consecutive great news from Hanoi: We have won Nam Cuong Villa and Hoffmann La Roche projects. The success of both projects is the result of the great efforts and close collaboration of all team members to compete with large-scale contractors and many challenges. This success has helped TTT to expand the market all over the country. 


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  Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel         Colapse

Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel, one of the four-star hotels managed by Liberty Hospitality Management, has officially openned since 26th August 2014.

TTT Corporation is honored to be the main interior contractor for this project. 

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Architectural Exhibition

To celebrate the 15th anniversary, TTT publishes a bilingual book Architectural Space in Virtual Reality II. This book contains the architectural and interior designs selected from over 1,500 projects of TTT.
By this occasion, TTT also launches an Architectural Exhibition to display the projects that have been designed with 3D graphic technologies, from December 14th to December 18th 2007 in Metropolitan building, HCMC, Vietnam 

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Architectural space in virtual reality I

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, TTT publishes a bilingual book Architectural Space in Virtual Reality I. This book is the result of knowledge accumulated, untiring labour, and continuous learning of our architects, engineers and designers. Most importantly, these are the insights incurred from serious and at times very strict demands of our customers - our true KINGS

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Client Reference
  ExxonMobil Hanoi

"Despite many difficulties and inconveniences of an active office, the serious and effective working attitude of TTT's staff gave us a well-done product, and above all, we have been ensured the absolute safety. "

  Citibank Hanoi, Vietnam

We really hope to continue receiving your enthusiastic support in our next cooperation.

  GlaxoSmithKline Hanoi, Vietnam

Our company is very pleased with the enthusiasm and agility of TTT‘s staff. TTT always satisfy all requirements of customers no matter how small they are and leave a good impression on our company.



Press Releases
  Green Standards
   @ 11/17/2014

New office of TTT Architects is a rare example of a future office solution. In a small area, it is still possible to bring the dream of an ideal workplace to life, when emotions hamonized perfectly with design solutions towards people, for people... Above all, this is the first office that has achieved European Green Standards in Vietnam!

The article interviewed Mr. Tran Khanh Trung - Director of TTT Architects, President of Green Architecture Club, publishing on Kien Truc & Doi Song Magazine on November 2014.

  Diageo – Ho Chi Minh City Offices
   @ 11/12/2014

By turning the workplace into a fun and relaxing bar, the designers hoped Diageo’s employees could feel the nature of their job while working here. The open working space bursts with vibrant colors to boost the productivity. Light-reflected materials were used to create shimmering effects, combining with rustic materials, green plants to balance the atmosphere between work and play, nature and technology....

Design Team: Le Huy Truc, Nguyen Suong Thuan Phuong Tram, Dang Nguyen Thi Hong Tuyet

  Philip Morris – Ho Chi Minh City Offices
   @ 11/12/2014

Following the future plan of attacking the market, Philip Morris decided to relocate its office to a new spacious and airy place in Ho Chi Minh City. Among many tender profiles, TTT Corporation has been chosen to become Philip Morris’s interior contractor. This project was quickly completed in only two months.

Lead Designer: Vo Cao Thang

  Green building construction is a must, experts say
   @ 10/1/2014

"The development of green building in HCM City is like a bus without ignition to start the engine, which needs many people to push it," architect Tran Khanh Trung, president of HCM City's Green Architect Club, said.

Article on Viet Nam News

  Red Style
   @ 7/30/2014

Because of its dominent nature, red is not too difficult to mix with other colors, however, to harmonize with the subject and highlight it is really a thorny problem that needs to be considered carefully by the architects. 

Written and Photographed ​​by TTT Corporation - Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper
  Experiencing a superior space
   @ 7/14/2014

Located in the central building of a new urban community - Royal City (Hanoi), California Centuryon Club is one of the most luxurious sport centers in the Capital of Vietnam, just as investors and designers have desired. 

By Nam Khuong – Noi That Magazine 
California Centuryon’s interior was constructed by TTT Corporation
  Colorful Pantry
   @ 5/28/2014

Pantry areas are being paid more attention from many companies, both foreign and domestic ones. This place helps the staffs reducing fatigue, promoting intimacy, cohesion and mutual understanding. In addition to creating a comfortable working space, saving a space for the relaxation and entertainment needs of employees is a practical concern of many business owners. 

All images used in this article are from TTT projects

Nguoi Do Thi Newspaper